Epoxy Coatings

K-Wall Poured Walls has been a certified installer of professional grade epoxy floor coatings since 2008. Over the years our floor coating division has grown. What was a niche product is now a standard part of our daily routine. This is because of the growing popularity of homeowners wanting their garages, mechanical rooms, workshops and exercise areas to look finished. Epoxy floor coatings are beautiful, durable require very little maintenance and last for years. Gas, oil, grease and common everyday stuff that stains concrete floors will effortlessly wipe clean off an epoxy coated floor. We install our floor coatings on many of our new foundation projects just prior to occupancy, and on many existing floors that customers want to improve and clean. Adding an epoxy floor coating is an economical way to add value and a beautiful finished look to an otherwise boring looking un-finished concrete floor.

One application of epoxy is equal to 5 coats of paint (in thickness) and epoxy has 10 times the durability of most water-based products at only 1.5 times the cost. To view our color palette, click here.

The Process:
1) If required cracks, chips and divits are repaired by grinding them open as needed and filling them with a fast set high strength epoxy filler. Then these are areas are ground flush with the concrete surface.
2) Next the entire floor surface is mechanically ground using a walk behind floor grinder with diamond tooling. This industrial grinding machine is hooked to a dust extracting self cleaning vacuum to help minimize dust.
3) The concrete floor is broom cleaned and the epoxy is applied and the decorative color chips are broadcast into the wet epoxy to the point of rejection.
4) After the epoxy has sufficiently cured the access color chips are cleaned up and the floor is scraped smooth and broom cleaned.
5) The last step is the application of the clear protective topcoat. The total process takes one to two days. The floor can be driven on 24 to 48 hours after the topcoat is applied.




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