2008-06-09_Clingman-Firm-Fill_0742K-Wall has a grading division and its own earth-moving equipment. In addition to clearing lots and doing excavation, we use this equipment to do demolition, driveways and back-fill and install septic systems. We have well-educated and well-trained employees to perform these tasks. Since K-Wall does not have to sub out these services, the result is fewer bills, fewer delays and fewer mistakes on the job.


But we do much more than grading and earth-moving!


For 15 years we have proudly offered contractors and homeowners a wide range of top-quality services from technical drawings and surveying, to insulated concrete walls, retaining walls and decorative concrete surfacing.That’s the K-Wall advantage: a project that’s within budget, according to plan and on schedule. This is why we like to say, ‘Build it once. Build it right!’





The work begins immediately and progresses quickly. Within days of the project launch, concrete is being poured and wall forms are being erected. The work is true, plumb, and clean. The professionalism, precision, and excellent work ethic displayed by Rich and his entire crew are a tremendous asset to any general contractor.
Randy HughesBlue Ridge Mountain Homes, LLC

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