MonoKast Precast Walls

MonoKast Precast Walls is K-Wall’s newest product. It is a precast wall made in our factory on Foundation Way here in Fletcher North Carolina and delivered to the site with trucks and trailers. They are set in place with a crane and rest on a crushed stone footing specified by the 2012 IRC building codes. The walls are fully insulated and studded meaning they are ready for finishing and require no additional framing to do so. If you study the wall you would notice they shaped just like wood framed walls before they are drywalled. This is because we are basically framing foundation walls out of concrete, EPS foam insulation and steel studs. The stud cavities can have commonly used insulation added to them to further increase the walls R-Value just like you would do on your home’s wood framed walls. MonoKast Precast Walls are a smart choice for many building and lot situations and can be combined with traditional poured in place walls creating what we like to call a “hybrid” foundation. You can download more information from the links below.

The Process:
1) Surveyor will establish the building location on your property and set 2 or more control points for us to reference.
2) We draw and load the foundation plan into our robotic total station which also allows us to identifying mistakes should there be any overlooked on the plans.
3) Clear the lot and install the septic system if required.
4) Reference the surveyors control point and re-stake the foundation corners then dig the foundation.
5) Installation of the crushed stone footings and exterior drain pipe. Re-stake the corners in preparation for the installation of MonoKast walls.
6) A MonoKast manufacturing drawing will be made off the construction blueprints that must be signed by the customer.
7) The MonoKast walls will be built at our facility according the the drawings, loaded and delivered to the site.
8) The MonoKast walls are set in place on the crushed stone footings using an appropiate size crane.
9) The lower level plumbing gets installed and inspected by your plumber.
10) Termite treatment if required gets installed by your choice of service provider.
11) Basement floor gets prepared, inspected and poured.
12) Sill plate and sub-floor gets installed in accordance to the MonoKast Builder’s Manual.
13) Backfill can be completed.

MonoKast Builders Mannual and Guidelines:monokast-logo
MonoKast Builders Manual

MonoKast Brochure

MONOKAST Insulation Options

MonoKast Quick Guides


Working with Rich Kubica and K-Wall has been fantastic.  In a recent project, we used K-Wall for a MonoKast foundation, a poured retaining wall and all the concrete flat-work.  It was a real benefit to use one local company for these critical components of construction.  Rich was able to meet all our scheduling requirements and was readily available for consultation.  K-Wall is a true local asset, helping builders to be more efficient and further streamlining the construction process.  

Jason Waldrup

Altitude Builders Inc.





The work begins immediately and progresses quickly. Within days of the project launch, concrete is being poured and wall forms are being erected. The work is true, plumb, and clean. The professionalism, precision, and excellent work ethic displayed by Rich and his entire crew are a tremendous asset to any general contractor.
Randy HughesBlue Ridge Mountain Homes, LLC

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