Poured Walls


Poured Walls


Traditional steel reinforced poured concrete walls are the most trusted and widely used foundation system available. They consist of reinforced concrete footings and reinforced concrete walls poured in place on the footings. We can adapt poured walls to virtually any situation and they can be installed quickly keeping projects on schedule. Poured walls are extremely Earth friendly consisting of steel rebar, cement, sand, gravel and water (concrete) all of which are readily available and abundant natural resources. After installation studs and insulation can easily be added by commonly used methods you see on most every construction project. Poured in place walls are the preferred choice for structural engineers during the design process due to there structural strength. Simply put poured in place walls excel where every other foundation system would fail.

The Process:
When you choose K-Wall Poured Walls to install your new poured wall foundation you get the added benefit of piece of mind knowing we are hands on, reputable and involved through the entire process. We have many customers who will have us take stress and workload off their shoulders because we are capable of clearing lots, laying out and digging the foundation, installing the foundation and flatwork and finally backfilling for total completion. We also have many customers that we simply install the foundation and flatwork for. Whatever the scope of work is that you would like us to handle-we’re ready. Our most common process is:

1) Surveyor will establish the building location on your property and set 2 or more control points for us to reference.
2) We draw and load the foundation plan into our robotic total station which also allows us to identifying mistakes should there be any overlooked on the plans.
3) Clear the lot and install the septic system if required.
4) Reference the surveyors control point and re-stake the foundation corners then dig the foundation.
5) Re-stake the corners and dig the footings as per the plans or IRC code. Place the steel rebar set grade get inspection and pour the concrete footings.
6) Re-stake the foundation corners for the wall crews to follow while setting the forms.
7) Tie the rebar per the plans or Irc code, set the wall forms, get inspection and pour the concrete walls.
8) Remove the wall forms after the initial set of the concrete typically 10 or more hours after pouring.
9) Waterproofing contractor you hired will waterproof the foundation per code and get a backfill inspection.
10) Backfill the foundation.





K-Wall has become our primary source for foundation systems. Rich Kubica is always available to me, and he is always looking for new and better ways to improve their already strong reputation. The service we get is excellent; they stand by their work and are an integral part of our team. I highly recommend K-Wall.
Sean SullivanAB CGP

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